Monday, May 19, 2008

method gone wild

method luster Brodie Chree saw my post asking for photos of method in your own homes, and decided to send these in. The really cool thing is, he went artsy with his method home pics (obviously the guy is a photographer, no?) and did some backlighting on the method bottles, and what resulted were these beautiful images!

I just love them! The colors are great! Brodie did an amazing job!

You know, one thing I've thought of for a while (though perhaps it's a bit played out at the moment) is how many companies have put out "artist series" versions of their products. Limited edition packaging with artwork/paintings/drawings, etc. on them. I think this would be a GREAT idea for method, especially since they focus so closely on their packaging BEING art! What do you think? Hey, method, I know one artist that would love to wrap some artwork around your bottles! (Hint hint, uh, me!)

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