Friday, May 2, 2008

diy naked

So here's a question for you (and speaking of questions, new polls can be found on the right sidebar! So get to votin'!) Many people purchase method's go naked line of cleaners because they are colorant and fragrance free. But I've been reading that some of you will purchase the go naked hand wash and spray cleaner, and add your very own essential oils! I think this is a great idea, and I'm curious; do you add essential oils to your go naked? If so, what fragrances do you add?


steve parker said...

i never thought of that! i may have to try that. of course, i never buy anything go naked except dish soap for spot treating my laundry (no fear of staining from soap color.)

Nathan Aaron said...

And I never thought of that! Huh! Does it do a good job? I mean, are you sort of using it like Shout, but it's a more earth friendly version? I might have to try THAT!

robertcraig said...

Yes! I do it all the time to the hand soap and dish soap. You only need about 1/4 tsp of essential oil for the 12oz hand soap, or 0.5%. It doesn't take a lot of oil. Right now we have organic rosemary oil. I have used a lavender and black spruce blend which is amazing and pure clary sage is really nice too and very clean smelling. (Note: if you add too much oil it will screw up the actual soap and possibly seperate.)

(I have been making my own soy candles and use essential oils to scent the wax, so I always have something good on hand...that is what we do with the DOZENS of empty method candle cups that we have been collecting...)

steve parker said...

pre-treating with dish soap is the best. just apply a drop and rub it into the stain. and i always wash with cold water since heat sets most stains (and it saves energy, of course.) it works on every stain from blood to grease spots. (you should let the soap set on the stain for a few days if the garment has already been washed.) it's cheaper and more eco-friendly than shout, and dish soap works better too! another good tip--surface cleaner is great for removing stains in carpeting.

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