Monday, May 26, 2008

baby be mine!

new method luster Netta sent me in this glowing review for the new squeaky green baby rice milk + mallow personal care line:

"It's been a month and 3 days that I have been a method advocate and I am very proud of myself. I have been trying as many products as I can from the company. I went to a baby shower last weekend and since I have changed my cleaning habits, I wanted to give something that was friendly for the environment, the baby, the home, and the parents. I went through your blog for some ideas and came across one that was giving away a baby prize which was the baby line, the baby detergent, and the squeeky green book and thought that was the perfect gift. Last week I went to Target and purchased the baby line, the sqeeky green book, and I had to order the detergent online because it was not available in the store. Needless to say I picked up and extra baby lotion and baby wash (don't remember the name) and tried it myself and I am in lust. I love the lotion and that smell is so soothing and to die for and the bath wash is the best, the smell is so calming and soothing.

My friend that had the baby shower called me yesterday and told me that she just got around to opening the gift that I gave her and that she tried the lotion because she had never saw it before and she loves it. She likes the baby laundry detergent (fyi...I use the baby laundry detergent in place of my woolite for my delicate clothes when I do laundry and it is the best). She said that she also started reading the book and has been making changes around her home so that her baby can be in a healthy environment.

Kudos to Method, they have done it again. By the way when I run out of baby stuff I am going to restock. I have been using the almond flower body wash, soap, and hand soap in my bathroom but the baby line is giving it a run for the money. I hope that Method does not discontinue this line it is wonderful."


karena said...

Hi, First time to read ur blog. it's so amazing. I recently order a tote from Method online shop. the question i want to ask is does Target have all method product including the tote and everything?

Nathan Aaron said...

No, Target doesn't sell everything method puts out. They will usually start carrying most method products, but reduce the list (I'm guessing based on what sells the best at Target?) I wish they'd just carry everything, it would make things much easier. If you can't find it at Target, the method home online store is your best bet. Their website will also list other places to purchase method, as well. You can only buy the green tote on the method website; and Target doesn't carry the wet dryer cloths anymore, as well as the baby detergent, for two examples.

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