Monday, May 26, 2008

you may now kiss the method

How about a wedding gift that the couple will actually use? Wow, what a great idea! And if you're on a thrifty budget, well, method lust reader Kristin has a great idea! Check it out:

"...I'm writing because I have an idea that I'm so proud of that I'd like to share it! I figure you would probably appreciate it more than anyone else (my family thinks I'm crazy and who can blame them. Who goes crazy over cleaning products?!?)

I'm going to a double wedding tomorrow afternoon so I needed to buy 2 gifts. I'm strapped for money, so I had to get creative. Method! Of course, who won't use cleaning products, right? Since I've taken on a personal mission of converting the world over to Method (at least my world), it seemed appropriate. So I bought each couple Le Scrub, Lil' Bowl Blu and a couple of sponges (since my Target is out of the LE Le Scrub w/microfiber. WAAA!). Now for the wrapping. Hmm. Gift bags are upward of $3 and usually get tossed after the first use. I went on a quest through Target to find an alternative, more useful form of gift wrap. I ended up buying a plastic bin in a color that complimented the Method bottles. Filler... hm. I could buy recycled-looking shredded paper... hm. Nope! I ended up cutting up old Trader Joe's paper bags (I've since converted to reusable totes) and used that for a filler. Tied with raffia twine and voila! An eco-friendly, attractive (I think) and PRACTICAL gift for just over $10. I wish that I had received a gift like this when I got married. Just doing my part!

BTW, if you have any influence, please tell Method that we want those microfiber sponges back! I don't care if they're sold separately, they're so fabulous!"

Thanks for the wonderful idea, Kristin! And HEY, method, are you listening? More microfiber sponges, please!

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