Thursday, May 15, 2008

beach sage applause

Here's a review on the special edition Beach Sage candle from method:

"I'm a big fan of method's line of home cleaning and air freshening products. I don't usually buy their candles, though, because they are smaller and more expensive than those made by my favorite local candle shop. As I checked out the newest scent offerings in the line last week I found myself absolutely delighted with their beach sage fragrance. I decided to splurge and buy myself one of the method beach sage aroma soy candles.

These candles come in a simple and modern-looking white ceramic container that easily fits into any room. method's web site makes it a point to state that their candles are made from renewable, natural soy. They use cotton wicks rather than lead ones and produce 90% less soot than the average candle. method used to claim that their 6 ounce soy candles would burn for 40 hours but they have since removed that claim from the packaging and company site. This product shouldn't be burned for more than two hours at a time according to the label under the label on the bottom of the ceramic container.

The method beach sage fragrance is strong, herbal, and very true. I'm not really into herbal scents but I adore the aroma produced by freshly-chopped sage. This aroma soy candle smells exactly like that scent and I just love it. All of method's beach sage packaging states that this is a "special edition fragrance". I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this scent probably won't be available come September, October, etc.

I usually burn candles for a few hours each evening as cook, clean, etc. I decided to burn my method beach sage aroma soy candle in the kitchen because someone who will remain nameless (who is engaged to me and whose job it is to take out the garbage each night) had neglected to do so, which meant the kitchen smelled a little funky. In less than ten minutes, the entire kitchen was filled with a strong and lovely sage scent. Twenty minutes later, the fragrance had permeated into the front room, into the bathroom, and down the hallway. This candle is very strongly-scented.

The method beach sage aroma soy candle burned very cleanly and didn't produce any smoke or black soot buildup inside of the ceramic jar. I own three parrots who are very sensitive to fumes, smoke, and chemicals. I like the fact that these candles burn so cleanly because I can use them in the house without worrying about harming the birds.

The one disappointment that I had with this candle was short burn time. As I mentioned earlier, method used to claim that you could get 40 hours out of their aroma soy candles. I've been through two now and I think I've gotten about 10-15 hours out of each one. They just don't seem to last very long, despite the fact that I trim the wicks and keep the candles out of drafts.

I have been very happy with the method beach sage aroma soy candles that I've used. They have a wonderful, strong scent and they burn very cleanly. I initially bought just one as a little treat for myself, but I picked up two more several days later because I liked it so much! They aren't cheap and they don't last all that long, but I really like these candles and will probably buy a few more before this special edition scent disappears from the shelves.
- njchicaa"

Has anyone tried the special edition citrus cilantro? Would you like to submit a review?


Netta said...

This review came right on time. I am a candle person and I used my last candle from a competitor on Tuesday. I went to Target yesterday and decided to try method's candle. I love anything vanilla so I got 2 vanilla apples and then the sage caught my eye. The color is very nice and calming and when I sniffed it I almost melted. I purchased the 2 vanilla apple and 1 beach sage. I lit the vanilla apple while I was cooking and the aroma was lovely. Later on that evening when I took my bath I lit the beach sage and the aroma was out of this world which made my bathtime that more enjoyable. I also noticed that the jars did not have all that black soot like a few other candles that I have used in the past. The only thing that I did not like is that the candles are a bit pricey compared to the competitor but the results are wonderful. I will have to treat myself to a few more of the beach sage candles for bath time and the vanilla apple for the other rooms in my home.

robertcraig said...

Method's soy candles are a total complete bargain. Typical soy candles with quality fragrances run between 20 and 60 dollars. Method's candles burn clean, smell great and the Rashid cup is close to iconic. (It is pretty similar to his Garbo trash can which is in NY's MoMA.) (The ceramic cup alone is worth the price of the candle.)

Anonymous said...

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