Monday, May 5, 2008

ring a-ding-ding

I feel method's never one to shy away from some constructive criticism (that's how you improve upon things, now isn't it?) So check out The Green Clean Review, as it zings the ring.

"I was tempted to title this post "Method Stink Ring", because I'm feeling a bit lazy, and I couldn't remember what it was called. Turns out, I was pretty close. Anyway, my need to stick one of everything scented in my apartment, prompted me to bring one of these home as soon as I saw them. I also nabbed one for my sister's birthday, as she likes the Method "Cut Grass" scent. (She claims it reminds her of the old Gap "Grass" perfume.)

So, two grass aroma rings later, I was home and placing the white plastic ring on my bathroom shelf. I was impressed to actually be catching whiffs of the thing when I walked into our tiny bathroom as well.

Basically, you get two foil-wrapped scent disks per pack, and then you can buy refill 2-packs in any scent as often as you want. (They claim a single disc lasts at least 2 weeks.) You peel off the foil, revealing a thin membrane. It's tempting to poke at the thing, but will probably lead to alien mutations (so I've refrained thus far.) The white ring takes two aroma disks for maximum scent, but I've never used two (seems too wasteful, even to get more scent.)

In our new apartment the thing sits on the back of my toilet, and I swear I've never caught even the faintest whiff of it. I tried the second grass disk and then moved onto a "Eucalyptus Mint" one. (It was the only kind that passed the husband-sniff test at Target.) For some reason, the EM scent isn't on Method's site. Mine is blue like their "Sweet Water" version, but perhaps it's been replaced.

I am honestly about ready to give up on the aroma ring. It reminds me of the "diffuser sticks" I bought at Whole Foods a couple of years ago. Never smelled those either. I'm willing to concede that my small nose (seriously) might be keeping me from properly whiffing the aroma ring. I just put the last EM disk in today... the ring is on its last chance before it gets replaced with some home made potpourri or a cute nicknack. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't chuck it (I may have a change of heart and want to refill it), but it's becoming a waste of space.

I'll have to track down my sister and ask her what she thinks."

Now you know just HOW much I lust for some method, right? But I gotta agree a bit here. Keep in mind everyone has their own opinion, and one persons unending drool fest may be another person's 'eh'. But the aroma ring has just never done much for me. In fact I have one in my kitchen at this very moment, and I barely smell the thing (in lovely cinnamon bark! Mmm!) I've decided (for myself) the aroma pills and sprays are the way to go. The aroma pills get a boost from being plugged into an outlet, the heat giving it the extra bang it needs to disperse throughout the room (and doing so nicely!) The aroma ring reminds me of a previous product method had, the aroma capsule. So cute in design, but the scent never made it anywhere. BUT, I think a big determining factor in whether the aroma ring works great for you or not is the size of the room you put it in. My kitchen is just a tad too big for that ring, I think. I mean, the proof is right here:

"I just got the sweet water aroma ring and use it on my desk at work. I smell it a lot! It's wonderful."
- Allison

So I think aroma rings would work great in smaller places. I think I'll bring in my cinnamon bark, and give it a try at work! What are your experiences with the ring? (and PS - I LUST me some aroma sticks!)


Karin said...

I have had mixed results with the aroma ring. I can't remember the first scent I bought for the ring...but it definitely didn't give-off that much scent. However, I just bought the Beach Sage (sad about the soap being discontinued) discs...and I'm using both discs...and I smell it every time I walk into the kitchen. Granted my kitchen isn't huge...but I have enjoyed many a whiffs of Beach Sage! Though I doubt it's going to last very long...they don't seem to have a long life expectancy. But I am such a sucker for clever design...method had me at their packaging!

Paul said...

I generally like the ring, but have had mixed results too. At the office it does a fantastic job of making my cube smell good. The bathroom in our previous house was apparently some sort of scent vortex, as a euculptus mint refill did almost nothing there. However the citrus cilantro is fantastic in our new place's bathroom.

robertcraig said...

I LOVE the Aroma Ring. I swear by it. But ONLY or small places. I have a ring in every closet in my home and a ring at my work office and I keep one in my truck. They work awesome. Don't forget that the text on the packaging says "for small spaces". Not every scent is the same either. I tried sweet water first and threw it out because it was too strong. The eucalyptus and mint wasn't strong enough, but the hollyberry is perfect. I have hollyberry everywhere. I LOVE hollyberry year 'round.

Anonymous said...

I love the Aroma Rings. I've used the lavender lemongrass and the new beach sage in the bathroom and they work great. I catch whiffs of them just walking by.
I also use the lavender lemongrass in my bedroom and it does the job. I don't really want to be overpowered by scent, just to catch a nice whiff now and then.

They also last a long time, at least 4-6 weeks in my experience. I threw a beach sage one in as the lavender lemongrass one was fading and produced a very pleasant blend.

I really strongly disagree with the Aroma Pill. Selling a device that has to be plugged into the wall and join the legions of energy vampires really goes against the Method philosohpy. I was really surprised when they released them, they should be discontinued.

I think people are a little scent obsessed. What's wrong with just having a CLEAN home that isn't overpowered by added scents? Why does everything have to smell so much?

Nathan Aaron said...

I'll let you have your aroma ring, you let me have my aroma pill; and we'll live in peace and harmony, ok? Ha ha! (I love my aroma pill, I can't imagine it takes THAT much energy to heat up that tiny thing.)

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