Friday, May 2, 2008

my crazy castle

Jen over at My Crazy Castle gave a sweet little post on the new method squeaky green book:

"A long time ago, after I bought my first bottle of Method cucumber scented all purpose cleaner, I signed up to be a Method advocate. They sent coupons and a cool t-shirt and since then they have sent me so many goodies. Their stuff is non toxic (when mr. the man was about 2 he got into my cleaning stash and sprayed himself right in the eyes with one of their cleaners...didn't even phase him. If it had been clorox God only knows what would've happened) it cleans great and it smells amazing. Over the weekend they sent me their newest goodie. This book.

We try to do organic whenever we can and I stay away from a lot of the chemical cleaners. This has opened my eyes to some of the things I didn't even know was in our everyday our sheets! I'm absolutely grossed out by the things that the government thinks are ok to put in our food and everyday products. So needless to say I am going to be doing some shopping very very soon."


Anonymous said...

It's JEN!!

Jen said...

OOO I wish I would've written a little nicer..LOL
Thanks!!! BTW I am addicted to your blog now

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