Friday, May 30, 2008

color me pink

Let's talk pink. I love me some pink! (Ok, in that way I'm a bit stereotypical, but hey, what can I say?) But I'm talking pink grapefruit all-surface method cleaner! Here's a quick, sweet review:

"Method All Purpose Pink Grapefruit Scented Cleaner is my new favorite. I can't get enough of it. I looked forward to cleaning kitchen cabinets, because of the soft scent and lack of sticky residue. This cleaner is worth trying. Whether you prefer the lavender scent or, my personal favorite, pink grapefruit, you'll love the fact that Method All Purpose Cleaner does a fantastic job on most surfaces without leaving a sticky buildup of cleaner.

All purpose solutions are my favorite types of cleaners. I'm busy and my time is valuable. A good all purpose cleaner saves time and energy. Method has made a wonderful all purpose cleaner that I will never hesitate to recommend to anyone and everyone.

I need an all purpose cleaner that can help on lots of different surfaces and clean multiple types of messes. Method's All Purpose Cleaner did a wonderful job in nearly every room and on the majority of washable surfaces in my home. In addition, when the surface was dry, running my hand across it revealed no residue to attract new dirt or make a sticky build up.

The fresh scent of pink grapefruit is quickly becoming one of my most favorite, combining a fresh energizing feeling with a hint of cleanliness and sanitary conditions. Without overpowering the senses, Method's Pink Grapefruit All Purpose Cleaner left every area of my home fresh and inviting.
- Sarah Aguirre"

You know, I have mixed thoughts on the Pink grapefruit scent. Mind you, I've never actually tried it, so I can't say too much. But every time I go to smell it in the store (which is a lot, cause, well, I sniff so much method product in Target they probably think I'm getting high off the stuff! Oh wait, I am! Yay, method!) But I'm expecting this burst of delicious citrus, and I never get it. In fact, it smells nothing like grapefruit to me. I've read both sides online, from people who love it (and those that have said they disliked the smell in the store, but when they used the product, loved the scent it left behind) to those that thought after using it, it did indeed smell nothing like grapefruit. But for some reason as of late, I've been wanting to give some sort of method pink grapefruit product a try! So I just might go for it! I'm needing some new hand wash anyway... What are your pink grapefruit thoughts? Lust it, or leave it?


Kristin said...

Lust it, Nathan. It really does have that citrus-y smell once you spray it. Maybe when you take the top off and smell it you get the hard-core, concentrated version. Try it, you'll like it. :o)

rainshiney said...

absolutely must LUST it! The user experience and the in-store-sniffer experience is totally different. Trust me... Pink Grapefruit is my absolute fave (though really I've got "smells" for different rooms... cucumber in the kitchen, lavender in the guest room, guest bath... pink grapefruit for all rooms I live in, go naked for the doggie areas!), I stocked up the last time Target had a sale. I have 3 bottles sitting in my closet just waiting to come out to play. =D Give it a try!

Grrg said...

I have only one thing to say on this topic:


Nathan Aaron said...

Classic, Greg! Classic!

robertcraig said...

Straight guys think pink too. The other pink.

Nathan Aaron said...

"Straight guys think pink too. The other pink." - said the gay guy. :-)

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