Thursday, May 22, 2008

fill 'er up

No, we're not talking gas here (please, don't get me started!) But moreso, something I'd discussed way back when (cause you know, this blog is already like three and a half months old, and in blog terms that's like forever! Three and a half months is also like forever in gay relationship terms! OH! I'll be here all week, I hear the veal is really good! Hey, I can say that, cause duh, I'm gay; and it's not really true, anyway (just some stereotypical statement, imagine that? Whoa, horsey! I'm really getting off topic here... MOVING back...)

Ok, where was I? Oh yes, I'm talking about all those great Karim Rashid designed candle jars you have sitting around, once the candle gets used up. What do you do with those? Fellow method lust reader Kelli asks:

"On a totally different matter - what do you do with your empty candle jars? I hate to just toss them so right now I have them sitting waiting for another use. I can't bear to toss them in the trash. I'd love to know what others do with them."

Way back when (see, and you didn't think I'd get back to that statement, did you? I'm good, I tell ya, good!) I did a short post here on a friend that literally uses them for mugs for his tea (after washing them out really well, of course!) They're just ceramic, and method is people friendly, so I feel it's safe to use them for dishware.

I personally am currently using one of the cinnamon bark candle jars (which are designed different from their main line, I think to differentiate holiday from everyday) for coins. I just throw my extra change in there at the end of each day. It's like a method piggy bank!

I think they'd make great tealight or votive candle holders, as well!

I also use my old aroma reed diffuser bottles for showcasing lavender sprigs in my bathroom. I also did a short post on that here.

So tell us, how do you use your empty method ceramic bottles and jars? How creative do you get? What do you think you COULD use them for?


robertcraig said...

At last count I had over 70 of these cups in the attic. I stopped buying the candles since I have been reusing the Rashid cups for my own homemade soy candles.

I have a cup with vetiver roots in the bathroom medicine cabinet.

Around the holidays I make chocolate mousse and use the cups for dessert cups. Inevitably guests fall in love with the cups and take them home.

But in almost every room in the house there is one of these cups for something. They are absolutely gorgeous.

Nathan Aaron said...

Oh, Robert, I love the idea of using them for dessert cups! That rocks. Too cool! (70, Holy crap!)

Netta said...

Oh my goodness Robert, I don't have as many as you yet (only 3)but I thought that I was the only one. After the candle is done I wash them really well and have been using them as ice cream cups. Try using them for appetizers & finger food when hosting a dinner party or some kind of get together with friends and family.

buchanan said...

What an awesome idea! How do you get all of the wax out of the bottom? Just a good soaking? I'm so excited by the possibilities!

Donna said...

Is there a refill option for the reed diffusers? I know I can buy any random essential oil and dump it in there, but I really like the cut grass scent and it seems silly to buy a whole new setup each time.

robertcraig said...

Soy wax comes clean with some hot water and dish detergent. Real easy.

Nathan Aaron said...

No aroma reed difusser refills as of this moment. But we keep hinting at method, one day they just gotta listen, don't they? Let's hope! And yes, the soy wax comes out really easily like Robert said.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for making this a post. I hadn't gotten to your older post on the empties. GREAT ideas. I love the dessert cups one especially. Ok I need to go buy more candles. ;)

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