Wednesday, May 21, 2008

method insomnia

Take a look at these great videos featuring method on HSN! Come on, we all know watching some HSN at 3:00 a.m. can be a fun thing; full of wit and crazy ad lib; and these videos are no exception (and being really tired but unable to sleep makes things even more funny, right?) And we get to see a little more of Adam + Eric in action! - So enjoy! Also, these items are available on the HSN website, so I've added a link to those as well, in case these video bits make you wanna go shopping!

HSN video featuring the omop!
Order the HSN omop package here

HSN video featuring the squeaky green book!
Order the squeaky green book package here

HSN video featuring the method detox bathroom kit!
The HSN method bathroom kit is sold out! Wow!

HSN video featuring the method detox granite/stainless steel kit!
Order the method granite/stainless steel kit here

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Anonymous said...

Why does insomnia happen? The answer is not always clear, sometimes it is caused by stress and other times there might be no apparent reason. There are ways you can improve both the quality and length of your sleep and break free of your patterns of poor sleep habits. You need not fear the night.

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