Thursday, May 1, 2008

for the love of the ocean

Who loves method sea minerals hand wash? Here's who:

"I love Method products. Since my friend Katy introduced me to the company a few years ago, Method soaps, dish liquids, and laundry products have been a staple in my household.

Method's slogan is "people against dirty" and they aim to make quality cleaning products without the harsh chemicals commonly found in the leading brands.

While stocking up at recently, Sea Minerals Hand Wash caught my eye. Method Hand Wash comes in a 12 oz teardrop-shaped clear plastic bottle with a pump. When you're ready to use the soap, simply twist the pump according to the arrows and it will unlock.

I absolutely adore the Sea Minerals scent. It smells fresh and heavenly. I don't think it necessarily smells like the sea; truth be told, I find the sea to actually be kind of stinky. I've lived on the Gulf Coast, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Puget Sound, and each beach shares a common fragrance: a semi-fishy, salty, seaweed-esque smell. Sea Minerals Hand Wash doesn't smell salty or fishy or seaweed-like, though. It's hard to describe the scent with words other than "fresh" and "clean", but I truly love the way this soap smells and it makes me look forward to washing my hands!

Looking at the ingredient list, I think "Sea Minerals" is just the name for the fragrance rather than a special ingredient, unless they are counting sodium chloride as the "Sea Mineral." Nonetheless, I buy this product for the scent and not for any benefits I may or may not be getting from said minerals.

Method Hand Wash is not antibacterial, thank goodness! I'm one who believes that antibacterial products are way overused in homes with healthy inhabitants, and I try to avoid them unless absolutely necessary.

While Method Hand Wash is not a moisturizing hand soap, I find it to be less drying than typical soaps. I was using a Bath & Body Works Moisturizing Hand Soap previously, and it made my skin feel very dry compared to the Method soap. I still have to use a hand cream a few times a week, but I do think that Method Hand Wash's ingredients are gentler on my sensitive skin.

Method produces plenty of bubbles, but the suds seem to be softer and larger than the foam produced by the average soap. The lather isn't as dense, but that's ok: I feel like it stays on my hands rather than sliding right down the drain.

Unfortunately, the amazing Sea Minerals scent does not linger on my hands.

Hand Washes from this company are reasonably priced at around $4 and available in several scents including Pink Grapefruit, Cucumber, Green Tea & Aloe, Sweetwater, and Lavender. Method also offers a Foaming Hand Soap.

I love Method Hand Wash, and Sea Minerals is a fresh unisex scent that most people would enjoy. Highly recommended!
- carlyoof"

I definitely agree with the unisex statement! In fact, I feel this scent is more masculine than many of method's previous fragrances! So now guys who are afraid of pink grapefruit (it's your friend, feel the pink! Be one with the pink!) can feel free to pick up more method hand soap!


Netta said...

Afer reading this blog I went to Target and got my own sea minerals hand wash and I love it. The smell is fresh and clean, it lathers well, and the smell lingered on my hands for a long time. I know in the blog it said that the scent does not linger but everyone's body chemistry is different so that may be why.

Anonymous said...

Hey would u know the scent that method uses for sweetwater?

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