Wednesday, May 28, 2008

lust forever

What a little whimsy will do (this particular branding he's talking about is from the second version method dish soap bottles. I'm not sure if the same wording is on the current bottle design, but perhaps they should give it another go, seeing as how well it worked here!)

"Target has some cool stuff. Some of it you don't really notice unless you look really hard. I was on the hunt for some dishwashing soap the other day when I stumbled upon Method dish soap. Ok, one dish soap is no different than another dish soap. Ivory, Palmolive, whatever. Right? So I thought until I read the back of the Method stuff (I know, reading the back of dish soap is pretty pathetic). Here is what I found:

This dish soap has been designated a collector's item by us. In the future, your grandchildren will sell this bottle for lots of money at a dish soap collector convention. Always insist on authentic method products. See cashier for exact value.

Now if that isn't the coolest thing in dish soap I will drink this whole bottle! I imagine most dish soap products post a list of incomprehensible chemicals, warnings about drinking or washing your eyes with it, and plugs for other products. This one goes beyond that and inject a little whimsy. That is what the corporate world needs, a little more fantasy.

I will always buy this stuff from now on. They have a customer for life.
- Corsair The Rational Pirate"

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Netta said...

Nathan, I recently saw this bottle in a duane reade store but they had it priced at $6.99 so I did not buy it but is this a new version or is this retro. I definitely like the design of this bottle.

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