Thursday, May 1, 2008

our first ever poll finale!

Why it's just like American Idol! Uhm, except there are no crazy judges, over the top performances, or closeted secrets! (I took care of that last one years ago. Ha ha!) So really, it's nothing like American Idol! But hey, it's method lust's first ever poll finale! You voted, I post, method listens! (Well, we can hope. Nah, they're great listeners! Nothing like that last guy you dated, who went on and on and on about himself, never shutting up; and when at the very last moment you realized you could fit in one sentence and went to blurt out "I'm having a heart attack, I need medical attention..." he would cut you off calling you rude and continuing on about his previous career as an off-broadway go-go dancer. Right? Right.) So anyway, on to the finish line!

Do you currently purchase method products?
YES - 211 votes
NO - 10 votes

Nine people went out and started purchasing method products simply by coming to method lust and learning all about how great method is! That makes me feel rather wonderful! You know what they say, if you reach just one person, it was worth it! And we reached nine!

What would you love to see next from method?
HAIR CARE - 87 votes
DISH CUBES - 65 votes
BUBBLE BATH - 26 votes

Wow! Hair care wins out big time! And you know, I'm thinking we may get our wish when the new Marine Naturals personal care line debuts in August. Simply because hair care has shown up in the baby + kids line, so it can't be that far behind for the adults, right? I'll bet you! Dish cubes came in second (we all want those back method, are ya' listening? Is this thing on? Tap, tap... Please!) A close third were toilet bowl tablets; but honestly I had placed these on the list before realizing they were debuting lil' bowl blu. So while they're not toilet tablets, I think we may have gotten our wish there! Surprisingly, carpet cleaner comes in fourth, which I think a lot of people want this (especially me. I have two messy cats! And I uh, need this. And right now I gotta say I have the not so nice to the environment version, and would love a method variety. Rumors have swirled around that method has been working on this for a while!), and finally (What!?!) Bubble Bath comes in fifth. Bubble bath! Come on, bubbly bath rocks! I'm gonna grab my rice milk + mallow baby bubbly bath and squeeze it like crazy and play in all my glorious bubbles! So there! I want bubble bath please, is that too much to ask? Adults like bubbles too.

What scent would you like to see return?
ROSEMARY MINT - 70 votes
SPICED PEAR - 55 votes
LEMONGRASS - 37 votes
FIG - 20 votes

Wow! Rosemary mint blows everything else away! Who would have guessed?! Spiced Pear is definitely still loved (and I can still find a couple candles at my local Big Lots! Yum!) Poor Fig and Lemongrass, probably two of my all-time method scent favorites, relegated to the end. And I get SO many comments from people demanding the return of Fig to the line, permanently! (I join them! My house would be fig all the time, if method did this!) So I was shocked at the poll results.

And there we have it! Our first ever method lust poll results! I'll let everyone know as soon as the new method Rosemary Mint dish cubes make their way into stores! (Joking, joking! But that would rock, right?!) Check back really soon for a brand new line up of poll questions! And don't forget to vote! Thanks to everyone for participating!

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