Wednesday, May 14, 2008

thrifty finds!

Rebecca over at Know-It-All-Mama let's method lust know:

"Hey Nate!
...Just wanted to tell your readers to check their local thrift stores sometimes - my local Goodwill gets a lot of overstock from the local Target, and yesterday they had a bunch of Bloq products for...wait for it... 99 cents!!! They had the soaps and the bodywashes. Just in Beach Sage and oooh, whatever the pink one is (Citron Leaf). I did check for you, no mint, sorry."

I've also noticed a couple Goodwills carrying Target products from time to time (I actually found two method cinnamon bark aroma rings post-Christmas at Goodwill) and I shall be running over there after work today! Yay! Thanks Rebecca for the heads-up! Hopefully they will have some green mint (as there was a ton of it left over at Target, before it all got pulled.) Go, run, Goodwill, now! (Why are you still at work? Oh oh, right, that whole not wanting to get fired thing. I know, I know. Shh, I won't tell them you read method lust during work. It's our little secret.)

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