Friday, May 9, 2008


Indulge me for a moment! You know me and all my "use a reusable tote bag for all your shopping!" speeches I've given here on method lust. Well, I wanted to show you a great one my best friend Rich got me for Christmas last year (It's from Angry Little Girls!) Is this not hysterical, or what? (He's got a twisted sense of humor, let me tell you!) But the fact that my friends are buying me reusable totes for holidays must mean I'm definitely getting the word out about environmentalism, and the need to be proactive! (And here I thought my friends just ignored everything that came out of my mouth! Ha ha!)

You can purchase this bag here. I showed it to a co-worker, and she said I should take it to Big Lots the next time I go shopping there! I died laughing! (Read this previous post to find out why!)


colleen said...

i *had* to have that bag - thanks for the tip!

Cardboard Whore said...

Ha Ha! No, I don't ignore EVERYTHING that comes out of your mouth, just every third word or so... ;) Glad you liked the bag! I swear, I could not stop laughing when I found it and I just HAD to buy it for you. But man, I don't know if Big Lots is the right audience for that bag...
Warning: Biting humor and adult content ahead!

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