Tuesday, May 13, 2008

method snapshots

Elevator ride, anyone? Inside method San Fran.


steve parker said...

i want a bumper sticker, window cling, vanity plate, something for my car to advertise my love for method. i love their tag line--people against dirty--and think it would be fun if those of us who love method could display it everywhere we go! just a thought.

btw - you have to love a company that makes their elevators enviable! are more snapshots to come?? (i want to see the bathroom. don't ask.)

Nathan Aaron said...

I'm planning on doing method snapshots a little at a time. Though I don't have the bathroom right now! lol I might have to ask for that!

Sarah D. said...

ask and ye shall receive... i'm in nyc until sunday, but when i get back, you'll have pictures galore, no problem. (wait until you see the grass room, which doubles as a ping pong room.)

Nathan Aaron said...

Yay! THANKS Sarah!

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