Friday, May 2, 2008

detox me!

Featured here are a couple more pics from the method pop-up store in Boston! Also included are some comments people had about the cool store, which was the main focus of Detox Boston (along with cool parties, fun crafts, and so much more!)

"Ingenious. When I first heard "pop-up shop" I kind of imagined there would be some oversized vending stand/tent made of recycled cardboard and woven bamboo out on the sidewalk where people could just "pop in" for their Method fix. It's actually a much cooler and hipper space than I had imagined. First off, it's housed indoors in a previously empty storefront. Second, it has a photo booth! And free gum balls!

It's a colorful, cheeky retail experience in the midst of Newbury Street. And who doesn't like some good, clean fun? The sales staff is youthful, friendly and really helpful too. I ended up with the 5 cleaning products for $20 deal, but you could also select their new line of baby products ($25 for 3, I think). My favorite is the grapefruit all purpose spray. I have the same scent in the disposable wipes. And the the spa minerals hand soap is sitting pretty in my bathroom. All of these were previous Target purchases, so I guess you could just call me a Method product whore....

I wish Method would stay, but I understand that they need to spread their "people against dirty" mission to folks across the nation. Wouldn't it be cool if there were a new pop-up shop every 2 weeks in that space though?!
- Jenny N."

"This guerilla marketing ploy by method is fantastically refreshing. Spring is definitely in the air on the often unfriendly Newbury Street. It is completely out of place, but it pulled me in. It smells great in the store, without being nauseating. The aroma could be called "clean" but thankfully avoids being "cleaning supplies." It's yummy. It color/scent coordinated. The middle island counter holds testers of their products on a lazy susan, and sample tiles/granite/wood to test out products. I didn't look to closely at these, but I swear there were more products on the testing table then they had for sale. Tease! However if you don't see what you want, ask, because they may have it in their storeroom, aka the elevator. Also, you can write your "cleaning secret" on a white board, take your pic in their photo booth, and shamelessly display it on the wall.

Sure it's weird to buy a $25 mop kit in a large recycled-cardboard box on Newbury Street. It's annoying that they don't carry all the method products (keep in mind it's primarily a promotion space, not a company store) like candles, air freshners, and antibacterial wipes. Of course you could save some money by making a trip to target - the baby bath stuff is 3 for $20, the other cleaning stuff is 5 for $20.

BUT amidst the snobby rich Newbury boutique shoppers, you can one up them - toting around your reusuable cloth bag full of cleaning supplies - because you my friend, are green and clean. Sweatshop-tailored clothes marked up 10000% ain't got nuthin' on us environmentally-conscious folk...
- emily f."

"Very fun place. Normally, I'm not a brand girl. There are few brands that can make me say no to a cheaper store version. But with Method, my boyfriend and I are brand whores. We love Method; it's all we use in our home.

The store is bright and cheery, and there are lots of colorful gumballs and fun displays. We were excited to find new products (an abrasive cleaner and toilet cleaner) to add to our collection. The prices, in retrospect, aren't that special (you can get that hand wash for less than $3 at Target with their current sale). But we got a great bag and had fun shopping.

We already have the Power Mop (omop) but saw there was a floor cleaner we didn't have (we have wood floor cleaner but have been using the all-purpose cleaner for our linoleum kitchen floor). Sadly some display products (hand wash refill bags, ginger floor cleaner) are not for sale in the store. But we scored four coupons for $1 off that we can use at Target. Thanks, Method!

We didn't use the photo booth, but the bf did take a couple of gumballs. All in all, a fun trip.
- cherie c."

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