Friday, May 2, 2008

virgin method

Did anyone hear about this (those sneaky quiet method folk!) because if you were flying Virgin America this earth day, you lucked out!

"This Earth Day, Virgin America, the new airline aimed at reinventing air travel and making flying good again, has launched a unique partnership with Method, the environmentally-friendly home and personal care product company that creates the hand soap provided on all Virgin America flights. Together, they are sponsoring California State Parks Foundation environmental restoration projects across Northern California and surprising Virgin America passengers with a special gift that offers travelers a few easy tools to go green at home.

Guests on every Virgin America flight this Earth Day (April 22) will be surprised by eco-chic "Plastic Bag Rehab" totes custom-designed for Virgin America fliers. The bags include Method's planet-friendly products (including new compostable cleaning surface wipes made from 100% bamboo) and a pledge that the two San Francisco-based companies will contribute $3 for every person flying on Earth Day for California State Parks Foundation environmental restoration projects. Guests on the Earth Day flights will also be able to tune into a number of Earth Day friendly custom-programming on Virgin America's seatback touch-screen in-flight entertainment system Red, from Al Gore's "Climate in Crisis" TED talk to cutting-edge content from Sundance Channel.

"As San Francisco-based companies who are committed to finding innovative, new solutions to old ways of doing things, we wanted to do something a little bit different to help give back this Earth Day and engage our employees and communities in the process," said David Cush, President and Chief Executive Officer of Virgin America. "California is known the world over for its spectacular natural beauty and for being the birthplace of the environmental movement, so it is only fitting that we pledge contributions for Californians and those visiting the state to help restore some of our most beautiful and scenic natural resources, especially those in underserved communities in our own backyard."

On April 19, Virgin America and Method kicked off the Earth Day partnership by "adopting" the community-based Candlestick Point State Recreation Area. Virgin America and Method employees and community residents joined forces for a day of environmental restoration projects aimed at expanding and improving the park's community garden. Candlestick Point State Recreation Area is the state's first "urban" park and includes a community garden, open wildlife areas and other public spaces that support a better way of life in this underserved San Francisco neighborhood. Without Virgin America and Method's support, the site would not otherwise have had funding for critical community-based environmental projects this Earth Day.

"Virgin America and Method are both committed to making a difference in our communities," said Alastair Dorward, Chief Executive Officer at Method. "We're thrilled that we could work together to give back locally to the Bay Area, while offering something special for travelers flying on Earth Day. We want to surprise passengers with a gift that encourages consumers to make smart green choices in everyday product use."

Too cool! And who knew method made soap specially for Virgin America's airlines! That just rocks! I wonder what the bottles look like? Or if they are in bottle form? Hmm, I'll have to look into this some more!

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