Wednesday, May 28, 2008

now with marshmallows!

Yesterday we ran a review by Kelly Leahy over at Green Daily for the new method kid shampoo 3-in-1. Today she focuses on the new method baby wash!

"...Today I'd like to give a review of Method Baby wash as well. Method baby squeaky green hair + body wash is one of the newest additions to Method's growing line of cleaners. With growing concerns about the toxins that I put on my baby's skin, I was drawn to the phthalate-free promise on the bottle.

The two main ingredients listed on the face of the packaging are rice milk and mallow (as in marsh mallow, one of the original ingredients in my favorite puffed confection). Both are mild enough for baby and beneficial to the skin.

Again, the packaging is eye-catching. It features a removable "cap" that acts as a cup for rinsing baby and I love the pump dispenser for perfect one-hand action. My only complaint is that the cap is a bit superfluous as I already have a dozen plastic cups in the tub.

The soap itself has a mild scent and keeps my baby clean -- not that babies get terribly dirty anyway. I'm definitely a fan and would buy it again.

In addition to the soap, the Method Baby line also includes a lotion and diaper cream."


Netta said...

I sensitive skin and I use the baby lotion and both body washes (the one without the cup & the one with the cup) and I like how it softens and smooths my skin. The smell is delicious, it's not overwhelming just calm and soothing. I would recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin not just babies and for anyone who wants to try it just because.

Karin said...

:( I went to my local Target this past weekend and they still don't have the baby line. When did it launch?

Nathan Aaron said...

You know Karin, it's weird with the Target/baby line. I noticed two Target stores near me carry it (in the baby section) but the main Target right next to my house STILL has not gotten it in? I find it so odd! I'm not sure what the deal is! Check a few other Targets (if you have that option.) It launched the same time as the kids line (which is located with the adult personal care wash.)

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