Friday, May 23, 2008

bag rehab

method lust reader Kristin sent me an email, wanting to know how she could purchase herself one of those great green "Plastic Rehab" totes method has, because apparently it wasn't available on the method home site anymore.

Well Kristin, I believe you, I really do. Now just sit down with some nice lemonade, relax, and let that stress go; cause it's getting to you! Those great totes are still available on the method site, just head over to "explore the collection" and it's the very last item in the list. (Or make it even easier, and just hit the special tab, then click on swag; and it will hightlight all the non-cleaning items, including the tote, for you! Also, you can purchase this really sweet pale blue tote on HSN (see above pic!) It's the same overall design, front and back, with the addition of the method 'm' and HSN logos on the front (and again, it comes in the blue.) I happen to actually love that blue color, it's so great! (But when is blue and chocolate never great?)

So whether it's the green or the blue tote, method has it in the bag! Ba-dum. So sorry... (Both bags are around $15.00.)


Kristin said...

Thanks, Nathan! I don't know how I missed it the first time around. When I went back to the site after I sent the email, ta-da! there it was. So I feel silly, but thanks for answering my question and for the extra info on the blue one. I dig it! I agree with your blue and chocolate comment. Yum!

Jessica said...

Just wanted to say if you want a bag you should buy one of the kits on hsn and it comes with this and you'll get a bunch of great products to go with it. I dunno if you are near ny but if you can get to the pop up store you get one with any purchse. I have both the hsn blue and method green version. the grean is better material has a zipper pocket and folds into itself to become a small zipper pouch. the hsn does not but is great colors.
either way they're great!

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