Tuesday, May 6, 2008

an evening with eric

Here's a great video (it's a long one) featuring an evening with Eric Ryan and Frog Design (you simply need to type in your name to view the video. Easy as that!) Be sure to check out his great recounting of the early dish soap "pawn" packaging, and it's disastrous retail results (which include customers ripping off the entire bottom of the bottles, instead of removing the plugs, and then just sitting them back on the shelf. Which resulted in... well, check out the video!)

A thought on that, I've been hearing through the grapevine for a while now that a new dish soap bottle is in the works (method has had so many issues with their poor dish soap bottles! The "pawn" and "flame/teardrop" bottles were said to leak (it squeezed out from the bottom of the bottle); the second version was just a blah design (in my humble opinion) and was too similar to their mainstream competition; and the third version was said to be unwieldy while washing dishes (though personally I haven't had a problem with it.) But I feel like the squeeze from the bottom design of the pawn/flame/teardrop was a little before it's time (which Eric tends to state in this video); and they use this design on the new baby + kids line, and I think it's working great! So I'm wondering if the kinks haven't been worked out, and perhaps we can see this reintegrated into the new dish soap package design! That would rock!

But I digress... enjoy the video!

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steve parker said...

oh, i hope method goes back to a bottom dispensing bottle for dish soap in the retail market! i love the "pawn" bottle, but it is a real pain to get the last inch or so out of the bottle. the "teardrop" bottle was the best in functionality. the current bottles are cool, but kind of bland. i hope we get something new on this front!

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