Thursday, May 29, 2008

pop and go

I'm curious, has anyone tried the new wipes packaging? Thoughts? While roaming through Target yesterday, I took a look at the wipes, and noticed on one of the packages, the plastic pop top had come off. I went "Hmm?" and picked it up, looking closer; noticing the pop tops are "glued" in place, and not really part of the packaging. That got me to wondering how tightly the seal was in terms of the pop top to the packaging, and how well it did keep the wipes moist? Then, for kicks, I tried to get one of the pop tops open, just to see how it worked, and MAN it was a little difficult to "pop" open. In fact I never got it open, cause I was afraid I'd rip it off the package. (But then, hey, I'm in that group of people that utterly ripped the entire lid off the bloq bottles cause I couldn't figure out why they were so hard to open, until "ding-ding!" I just popped the tiny flap up, and DUH!)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissin' the new packaging (I think it's pretty cool!) it's just I'm not a wipes guy, therefore not a lot of experience with them; so I was curious what others thought of the new design, now that it's been out for a bit! What says you?


Netta said...

I'm with you Nathan, I am not a wipes person either. I do very well with a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth. I purchased the bathroom wipes and thinking that I would use them for any quick clean ups but I never used them. They are still sitting on the tank of my toilet untouched.

robertcraig said...

I just bought the new wipes the other day because the package looked cool and I am trying to get my partner to stop using Windex to clean the kitchen counters. I know, I know...what is Ammonia-D anyway?

I almost ripped the top of the thing off too until I realized that you have to push down on the right size where those 3 little buttons are. Then it pops open and there you go.

Anonymous said...

We have improved the pop-top so that it will say "press me" on the right side to make it a little easier to use. Thanks!

Nathan Aaron said...


Ashley said...

I'm interested in the packaging of the wipes.
I haven't purchased the wipes so i haven't tried the packaging.
How exactly is it supposed to open and what do you think the benefits of this mechanism are as opposed to a sticker?
I'm a plastic engineering student looking into the packaging world of wet wipes.
I was wondering if any of you could elaborate on the challenges of the package and the solutions out there?

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