Monday, May 19, 2008

method belly button

Take a look at the updated method dish soap bottles! While the older bottles were difficult to handle while washing dishes (or at least people did complain about this problem, I've personally never had an issue with this, at least yet) the new bottles come with a thumb indent! Now it's easier to hold! (But don't they sorta look like belly buttons for the bottles now?) (Thanks to Derek Powazek for the photo)

I personally think the lil' bowl blu needs this as well. I LOVE the design of that bottle, but gotta say it's a bit of a challenge (not much, but still) to hold it tightly upside down while squeezing. One day I'm afraid it's just gonna go ker-plunk into the toilet! Ha ha!

1 comment:

Netta said...

I have had a few mishaps with the dish soap bottles myself and must say that the belly button is definitely a help. I totally agree with you regarding the lil bowl blu...I would hate to fish it out of the toilet water...

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