Tuesday, May 13, 2008

me thinks

Upon using my delicious fuzzy peach squeaky green kids 3-in-1 shampoo the other evening, a thought popped into my head (and this doesn't happen very often, so run with it Nathan, run! While you still can!)

Ok, so method debuts both a squeaky green kids (I'm just focusing on the kids line here) 3-in-1 shampoo (which is body wash, shampoo + conditioner), and a body wash; one each in fuzzy peach and crisp apple.

Target (at least mine) has chosen not to carry the complete line, and has dropped the crisp apple 3-in-1. (They're only carrying three of the four products.)

I think method needs to simplify. We've already gotten the 3-in-1. I think the name should be changed to methodkid 3-in-1 body (instead of the current methodkid 3-in-1 shampoo. - Cause shampoo doesn't really cover it when it's body wash, shampoo + conditioner in one.) I'm not sure why they decided to put out a separate body wash, when the body wash was already included in the 3-in-1. AND this would free up store shelf real estate; allowing them to either debut another new scent (and Target would carry all three), or bring out a kids bubbly bath (cause kids love bubble bath as much as babies! Perhaps moreso!) I just feel the kids line has a bit of redundancy at the moment. Moms, do you agree? If you had a choice of 3-in-1 or just body wash, which would you choose?


steve parker said...

i agree, but i think it's good to start with a little variety and fine tune as time passes. it is unfortunate that Target refuses to stock all four products in the methodkid line. method could track the sale of the two and decide which to keep. i figure method will eliminate one of them (probably body wash) and add an additional scent (fresh strawberry?!?) to the 3-in-1 line.

CalBear1993 said...

me agrees...

i was really bummed that the target didn't choose to carry the 3-in-1 apple scent. i vastly prefer that to the peach. but i bought the peach 3-in-1 vs. the apple baby wash b/c my 2 year old is hardly going to sit still long enough for me to apply one product to her head and the other to her body. i vote for an additional scent over a bubble bath. it turns out that the stuff that makes bubble bath bubbly ain't so great for kids nor for the environment...or at least that's what i've been lead to believe.

Anonymous said...

I bought the Method Baby Bubbly Bath stuff thinking I could use it for myself but it doesn't "bubble up" like regular bubble bath. I was disappointed because I love the scent.

Netta said...

I wondered why there was a 3-in-1 then a separate body wash. It did not make sense to me but then I figured that method probably did it to get feedback from the public and track sales to see what people prefer. I am all for a 3-in-1 in an additional scent....I like Steve's idea of strawberry.

Kristin said...

I would prefer another 3-in-1 product versus a body wash. I love the strawberry scent idea, too!

On a side note, I just started using the 3-in-one fuzzy peach on my 2 little boys and whereas they had extremely dry, agitated skin from another brand that was labeled for "sensitive skin" (no fragrance), now they're skin is normal after a couple of weeks of use. Yay for method! Happy kids means a happy mommy.

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