Tuesday, May 20, 2008

darn you method

Sigh... ok, do you see that pic above. I went nuts. NUTS. Want the whole story?

So yesterday I'd mentioned how someone let me know about method bloq being sold at their local Goodwill; and how I started running around for the lust of my life, green mint, to no avail; but also stopped at Big Lots to see if they had anything. And discovered some cut grass and fresh lychee aroma pill combo packs. Then someone mentioned they found discontinued candles as well at their local Big Lots. So I ended up checking two other stores, and discovered nothing more than a few fresh lychee pill refills.

But still aching over the fact this person had found the elusive fig candle (which I like, well, just drool uncontrollably over, mind you) I decided to head on over WAY to the other side of town, and see what that Big Lots held for me. I hadn't been there in forever, forever, and forever. I was sure it'd be just like the other store finds. And you know what...

...it was like a freakin' gold mine of method madness! Do you see what I found in the pic above? Huh? HUH? Do you know HOW much money I spent there? Do you know how the lady at the cash register just sort of stared at me wondering why I was buying like fifty dollars worth of cleaning and candle products?? Let's pause for a moment... yes, I said it. Fifty dollars. That's CAR-AZY! Like, I can't figure out how I'm literally going to afford to pay for gasoline for my guzzling truck for the rest of the month, but I suddenly decide to throw down fifty dollars on method discontinued products cause, well, I can't help myself! It's a sickness I tell you, a sickness! No one should get this excited over cleaning products! Really! The guy in the cleaning aisle that worked at Big Lots and was stocking finally had to walk off for a moment, as I just stood there in awe of everything and couldn't figure out what I was going to get and just wanted to scoop up everything and he realized I was about to destroy all his work of neatly placed items on the shelves and had to just leave me to my own devices!

And so let's do a rundown here, ok? Cause really I can't believe I found some of this stuff. We're talking yes, that is spiced pear all surface cleaner you see there. What the heck?! That stuff hasn't been around for a year and a half! I couldn't believe it! Along with the spiced pear candles I'd finally bought earlier in the day, I'm full up on some spiced pear lust! Then we have three lavender + lemongrass pill refills in their old packaging, and two lavender floorcare bottles! Lavender floorcare, from back in the old school method days! Yo, where did this stuff come from?! I can add this to my two bottles of rosemary mint floorcare I still have, and I'm floorcare covered until I'm 90 years old, I believe! (Cause this stuff lasts forever, because you have to dilute the earlier version with water.) Then we have one lavender + lemongrass candle, just cause they had a few for some weird reason; and then the skies lit open and the clouds parted and we're talking six freakin' fig candles here people! Six! And I wanted to buy more (they had a few more left!) but just could NOT afford it. I'm in figgy fig Heaven! Man!

So there you have it, I'm so freakin' poor it's scary. I think I need to start going to method anonymous meetings, but my house will sure smell pretty while all this is happening. So be sure to head over to your nearest Big Lots, cause someone (be it method or Big Lots) decided to clean out their method vaults and went crazy! Have fun, let me know what you find!

(Note: another method luster let me know he found some fig aroma ring refills for $2. So it's just all sorts of stuff! If I could find some fig aroma pill refills, well, let's just say they'd have to cart me away to the funny farm! Cause I'd be so excited! Oh, and by the way, this is just what I bought. They also had eucalyptus + mint, lavender + lemongrass and sweet water pill combo packs; sweet water pill refills, and eucalyptus + mint candles!)


Netta said...

In my opinion, I think that you got a lot for your money. Since I am a fairly new method advocate I am going to have to google big lots and find some locations. I would love to try some of the older items. I tried a Good will location in my area and I did not find any method items there. I will let you know how my Big Lots trip turns out.

buchanan said...

I found the following at my local Big Lots yesterday:
aroma pills in cut grass and fresh lychee, dryer sheets, small sized bottles of laundry detergent, and a few candles. I picked up the aroma pill and I'm getting ready to go out of town where there is a HUGE Big Lots! So hopefully I'll have more to report on when I get home!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to Big Lots!

On a totally different matter - what do you do with your empty candle jars? I hate to just toss them so right now I have them sitting waiting for another use. I can't bear to toss them in the trash. I'd love to know what others do with them.

steve parker said...

all my Big Lots have closed! i only have one left in the area, and it's a major dud. just walking in the door is a dreadful experience. if method is there, someone else can have it. i would rather pay full price.

Buchanan said...

I realize it's crazy how long I've waited to post this. I went to the next town over and WOW. They had aroma pills and refills in possibly every sent ever (I picked up a fresh grass refill, a eucalyptus mint pill, and a grapefruit + pear pill), spiced pear surface cleaner, bowling pin dish wash in cucumber (I got THREE bottles! Only 2.50 each WOW), tons and tons of candles, and the lavender floor care (I got two bottles of that). I will be going back soon, I'm still in shock!

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