Monday, May 5, 2008

givin' naked a try

So I just did something I wouldn't have thought I'd do. I just went out and bought some method go naked spray cleaner!

You see, I buy method not only for the fact that they are environmentally friendly, and have gorgeous packaging; but for the scents as well. And when go naked first debuted, I was like "why would I buy that, when I can get all these great fragrances?" While of course realizing it was more for people with possible allergies to scents, etc. (And also while realizing that I do buy method's free + clear laundry detergent, so uh, yeah... don't ask me.)

But then fellow method luster Steve mentioned something great last week!

"i buy go naked dish soap for spot treating my laundry (no fear of staining from soap color.) pre-treating with dish soap is the best. just apply a drop and rub it into the stain. and i always wash with cold water since heat sets most stains (and it saves energy, of course.) it works on every stain from blood to grease spots. (you should let the soap set on the stain for a few days if the garment has already been washed.) Another good tip - surface cleaner is great for removing stains in carpeting."

Really? Removing stains in carpeting! Huh! Well, you know what, I have messy, messy cats (have I said that before? Hmm...) and some of the rugs I do have, well, they need help. I do use carpet stain remover spray; but more on that in a moment. Also I have this great Ikea couch that comes with a removable, washable cover. BUT it's such a pain to dry (hang dry, at least a day or so) and to put back on (and the perfectionist person in me will usually iron the cover after I've put it on the couch, I don't want a wrinkly couch! So, uh, yes I need mental help; and yes, it takes some work!) And the cats will get stains on the couch, or I'll accidentally spill a drop of spaghetti sauce on it (uh, cream/white colored couch and eating spaghetti while watching tv, not a good combination.) So I'm going to give the go naked spray a try on my couch this evening, and see what happens. I tried this with my carpet spray, and uh, it totally bleached the color right out of the cream cover. AND I had to throw it away. So I'm thinking go naked will do a MUCH better job! I'll let you know!

+ Also, I noticed over the weekend our Target has gotten the new wipes packaging with the pop-tops in! They're really cool! Let me know how the new packaging works out when you give them a try (as I'm just not a wipes type of guy.) Huh, that rhymed!

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melanemac said...

let ne know how the carpet come along. We have nasty formally light beige carpet (toddler and two cats!) and as DH was spraying the door with horrible chemicals right in front of my son!!!!!!! I knew we needed something! Oh and also...Method is on sale this week at Target, so time to stock up.

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