Friday, May 9, 2008

no more gummy floors

Look at this photo! Is it not adorable!

"I woke up this morning with a really bad headache, one that yet to go away. I suppose it is because we were at some friends house last night and did not get home and to bed until almost 7am. Although I had a fun time last night, staying up all night can be draining on you.

We needed to do laundry and grocery shopping and I was in no way able to do it, so Sheri went out by herself. She is such a great girlfriend and here I am sitting in my underwear watching ”Life With Mikey” Okay, I WAS sitting on the couch in my underwear watching ”Life With Mikey”. Not too long I got off my butt, took a shower and started doing some chores. The kitchen and bathroom floors needed to be mopped and the living room needed to be swiffered.

Technically I did not use a Swiffer as we have switched over to a better product, by the name of Method. In fact a lot of our household products from household cleaners to hand, dish and body shop are all now from Method. However I still us that term “Swiffered”. I guess I should start saying that I “Omopped”… hmmm… maybe not, does not sound right. Needs work.

I had to move furniture and such around and the gummys were forced to move into the bedroom for a bit, however a few wanted to watch me work, so I let them do that and more. I can honestly say that not a single gummy fell off or passed out from the lemon ginger scented floor cleaner.
- gloomy little cloud"

This is actually a post from his gummy bear 365 day project.

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