Friday, May 23, 2008

nice and easy

Have a friend who's interested in trying out method products? Want to get a few items for someone's birthday/holiday/no special occasion except you just gotta try method cause it rocks day? Well, Office Depot (I know, can you believe it!) has a few options online (and perhaps in their retail stores, as well. I'm not sure, to be honest.)

They are currently carrying two 4-piece starter kit sets, in pink grapefruit and cucumber! The sets contain dish soap (only in the kitchen pink grapefruit kit), hand wash, wipes, spray cleaner, and shower cleaner (only in the bathroom cucumber kit) - along with a cute little wire "tote" to hold them all! Target used to carry these during back to school months! I loved them! (I loved them even more when they'd go on clearance once school started, and you could get these great kits for a really great price!) In fact, this is how I tried out their wipes. Not really being a wipes kind of guy, I ended up purchasing two kits, in cucumber and french lavender; and each contained a bottle of wipes. So I got to give them a try!

So next time you're looking for a great starter kit for your friends and family, check out Office Depot! (I sound like a commercial, don't I? Hey, yeah, maybe that's how I can make money here! I can start doing product placement copy in my posts! I'll make a fortune! Then I can buy even more method products! Yay! It'll be just like Paul Harvey! You know him, right? Or am I totally showing my age/the fact that my father listens to really old style radio programs? Anyway...)

The pink grapefruit kit is $15.00, while the cucumber kit is $14.39

Oh, and don't forget, while you're running around doing your errands and stopping by Office Depot to pick up your method starter kits, don't forget to stop by Taco Bell for a quick lunch! Mmm, mmm! Taco Bell has just introduced the Big Bell Box! A delicious meal, all in...

I'm so joking, k?


Netta said...

These are so cute, I lust them. Definitely make a great & inexpensive gift especially if you are on a budget. I have to get one of each for myself and the wire caddy is the perfect touch to keep everything organized.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the picture a bit closer, it seems that the kits are not identical. The cucumber one is labelled as a "bathroom kit" and comes with what I believe is a daily shower spray instead of the dish soap. Perhaps this is the reason for the price difference?

Nathan Aaron said...

That does make sense. I guess you wouldn't really need dish soap for the bathroom! Thanks for the correction!

Nathan Aaron said...

I've updated the information in th e post! Thanks again.

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