Thursday, May 8, 2008

detox new yawk!

method is coming to NYC! They'll be setting up SoHo's pop-up shop at 550 Broadway (between Spring + Prince), and from May 13 - June 7 will be showing people how to detox their homes. Be sure to stop on by and chat with them, check out their aroma stations and the mix and match kits they'll be bringing especially for you. They'll have cool products, great deals and free swag when you buy one of their detox bundles!

They also say:

"Got any skeletons in your closest? Come clean with our “dirty little secret” cleaning confessional booth to detox yourself and all your dirty little confessions. We'll also have a "toxic turn-in" - bring us your toxic cleaners and we'll not only dispose of them properly (most likely at a hazardous waste site - a good sign they shouldn't be in your home!), We'll also give you free hand soap and additional discounts in return. Oh, and if you whisper the words "big green apple" to the salesperson, there are even more discounts to be had.

What can we say - bribery can be a good thing when it's done for a good cause."

MAN oh man I wish I could be there! In fact I got an invite to go! (Ok, I'm sure everyone got an invite, it's an open event; but alas it makes me feel rather snappy, ya know, gettin' an offical invite!) But geesh, I don't see it happening. Unless God rains down airline tickets onto me one morning, or I win the lottery! Oh oh, I might win the lottery! Yes! That's it! Oh, but wait, I gotta play first. Dang! Well, if anyone goes let me know! Take some pics and you can guest blog on method lust about all the fun you had!

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Netta said...

I am so glad they are making their way to New York. As a new Method advocate I will be a frequent visitor. I did not know what to do with the toxic stuff in my house so I put them in my garage so now I will take them to detox new york and let method do the the dirty work for me. I also plan on bringing as many people as I can whenever I visit. I will let you know about all of my experiences there Nathan.

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