Wednesday, May 28, 2008

method evolutions

Sometimes, while buried in my method madness, I fail to realize that there are new method lusters out there that might not know which method package design came when, where, how, or who? So every once in a while, if needed, I'll post up a shot of a method product in evolution! Since dish soap has been mentioned here quite a few times as of late, here goes!

method dish soap

1+ version one packaging (larger bottle: nicknames include the pawn, the bowling pin, the icon; smaller bottle: nicknames include the flame, the teardrop) You can still purchase the pawn on method's home site (in lavender and cucumber.)

2+ version two packaging (discontinued, resembled "Big Brand" dish soap bottle styles)

3+ version three packaging (current version, now with thumb indent for easier handling)

...And now you know your dish soap bottles! Yay! Just imagine what you can do with this kind of knowledge and power! Ok, well, not much. You're right. But it'll make a great trivia answer, one day!


karena said...

Hi Nathan,
When will you announce the advocate spotlight?

robertcraig said...

I will forever admire the iconic pin bottle design. I have one full of mandarin soap on my desk at work. It's sculptural beauty is awesome.

Nathan Aaron said...

Karena, I'm still getting in submissions, but it will be soon! I need to put a final date on it... hmm?

Anonymous said...

Do you know if Method will come up with any skin care product? Hope so.

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